We are extremely proud of all our faculty/staff here at THS. 

ADMINISTRATION:  Our administrators do an amazing job of keeping our school safe and great place to learn. They provide outstanding leadership and work hard to ensure that they are doing what feels best for all persons involved. They are always available to help out in any way and will answer or address any concern or question you might have. The administrators here at Teton High School lead by example. They listen to the needs of others and play a vital role in assisting teachers, staff, students, parents, and the community. We are very fortunate to have effective and competent leaders that are the backbone to THS.

MAIN OFFICE:  Our administrative office staff does a fantastic job keeping track of everything that goes on at THS! They maintain everything from attendance, budgets, admissions, student records, bookkeeping, catering, and more! Our office staff goes above and beyond to meet the needs of the students, staff, parents and the community. We have a wonderful team of organized individuals taking care of all areas our school.

TEACHERS:  The quality of teachers here at Teton High School is at its best! Each educator provides a unique teaching method to help meet the academic needs of each student.They bring enthusiasm and excellence into each classroom daily in order to help make a difference in your child`s future. They are a community of exceptional leaders dedicated to providing a healthy environment both inside and outside the classroom.

PARA-PROFESSIONALS:  Our paras are exceptional! They work directly with each student helping them understand and complete their assignments. Our paras provide each specialized student with the much needed one-on-one assistance to help reach their academic goal. The role of the paras at Teton High School are similar to that of our teachers; they are dedicated and committed to each students' success.

CUSTODIANS: We are very proud of our hard-working custodians! They dedicate numerous hours to provide a safe, clean, and secure school. Our custodians go above and beyond to keep our high school "up and running." They spend more time here at the school than the teachers and students combined to ensure a clean building inside and out! We are so thankful for our wonderful custodians.