What is cyberbullying?

Cyberbullying is bullying through the use of electronic tools and resources including:

  • instant messaging
  • social networks
  • texting
  • email
  • websites
  • blogs
  • online gaming, and
  • other methods of digital communication

Bullying of any form should be taken seriously. Education and awareness are key to the prevention of bullying and keeping students safe. Students, parents, and educators are encouraged to learn more about bullying to recognize it, prevent it, and take action to stop it from harming students, families, and their supporters.

Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Cyber bullying is believed to be the new global epidemic. More children are affected and we do not know who the next victim would be. But as parents, teachers, and guardians, we can definitely do something to help fight this threat that harms most children and youths today.

  • Educate. Schools should instill cyber ethics to all students at all times. There are schools that add policy to discipline the student who proved to be bullies.
  • Explain the dangers. Children tend to be naive when it comes to using the internet and other communication technologies. By explaining to them the dangers that lurk in using these technologies unsupervised, they will take the necessary precautions.
  • Set limits to your child’s use of technology. Reasonable rules, when consistently enforced, will make your child understand how important it is to follow your terms of using technology.
  • Make sure that the computer is situated in the area where it is possible for every family member to see. This way, you can always be on guard for any possible cyber bullying episodes.

We should not waste a single second as we inch farther and battle against this type of bullying. If we waste another second, who knows? The next one telling their traumatic cyber bullying stories could be our own child.   -